The Definitive Story Of Perfect UK Replica Omega MoonSwatch Watches

The week of March 20, we took notice of some cryptic social media chatter out of Swatch and Omega on Instagram: “On March 25, it’s time to change your Swatch,” and “… it’s time to change your Omega.” This had the watch community more than a little confused.

Then came the full-page ads in The New York Times teasing a weekend release and reveal.

Rumors abounded. Enthusiasts began crafting their own mockups. Would it be best Omega Speedmaster replica watches? What would it be called? A SwatchMaster?

Without warning, two days before the stated launch date, news broke on the internet and we finally saw it: A Bioceramic Swatch that was a near carbon copy of a Moonwatch, but in Swatch form. And it was called … The MoonSwatch.

The Swiss movements Omega fake watches wouldn’t be available online. Only in Swatch stores – only in select Swatch stores.

Excitement began to rise. We heard stories of crazed collectors pitching tents in front of Swatch boutiques around the globe. Some of us couldn’t imagine waiting in line for more than 24 hours for a Swatch.

But many, many, many people did. Thousands worldwide. It was, without question, the biggest UK cheap replica Omega watches release in decades.

Lines grew to a point where Swatch had to make an announcement on Instagram. If you were planning on coming to a store, you’d only be allowed to purchase two MoonSwatches. Lines grew longer still.

Crowds – even mobs – began to form, from Tokyo to London. Law enforcement was needed in some locations to calm the masses. Swatch came back again with another message. Apparently the sheer scale of the crowds necessitated a revised assessment: Now, if you planned on coming to buy a MoonSwatch, you could only buy one.

Signs were posted at each location to that effect, reminding those who waited for 18 hours straight that it was all for a single watch.

Some stores, like Singapore, saw a police presence just before the doors to the store opened. London, too. It was like Black Friday in spring, only everyone was a watch enthusiast – or were they?

Because this is 2022, the MoonSwatch brought out the flippers – free-agent entrepreneurs who figured they’d be able to turn around and sell the luxury Omega copy watches for an exponential profit. (They figured correctly.)

HODINKEE dispatched photographers to London, Singapore, Miami, Toronto, Las Vegas, and New York. Three continents, one watch. I was on the scene in Times Square and witnessed a line over two blocks long. Nearly 2,000 strong – and there were fewer than 300 Swiss made Omega replica watches in stock. The would-be customers had stickers on their hands representing their spot. Some were offered cash for the sticker. It was pandemonium.

Revisiting MoonSwatch

It’s now been two months since MoonSwatch took over the known watch universe. Stores are still struggling to get 1:1 fake Omega watches in stock, and demand is still high. In fact, just this week, rumors began to swirl that – despite earlier rumblings – the watch would not be made available online and instead remain a fixture of in-store shopping … exclusively.

Having only seen the watch in-person briefly at launch, I was particularly excited at the prospect of spending the week with not one, but two models: The Mission to Mars and the Mission to Jupiter (there were 11 in total: Mission to Earth, The Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, The Sun, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, and Venus). But of course, I couldn’t just wear these pieces like I would any other AAA Omega replica watches. I needed to make an experience out of it. I needed to return to where it all began – to Times Square, New York, New York.

Wristed with two MoonSwatches and a microphone in hand, I posted up outside the Swatch boutique ready to question any passersby who stopped or glanced at the briefcase full of them in the display window. My mission was simple, to get an idea of where the hype stands now that the lines are gone. I wanted to know if this was a flash in the pan, or a true watch moment with legs – one that we would remember and look back on the way we talk about the Quartz Crisis.

You’ll be able to see the full breadth of my conversations in the video review, but needless to say the individuals I talked to ran the gamut from MoonSwatch clueless to “could write a book about it.” If I take the median subset of those I spoke to, I can say pretty confidently that the top Omega super clone watches continues to garner interest and fascination, while maintaining a certain mystique.

I strolled through Times Square with one watch on each wrist and then returned to my own thoughts. Having the wholesale replica Omega watches changed my entire thinking on the release. I no longer had to wonder what it would be like to wear one – I was spending a week with two.

A Week On The Wrist

What I learned from this watch is that hype can be a very distracting beast. It can blind you from the truth or at least divert your attention away from the realities of what is right in front of you. It goes without saying that a Swatch x Omega Speedmaster collaboration is punchy and shocking enough to drive serious interest at a broad level. The lines proved that.

But what happens when you’re the lucky buyer who was able to walk in, purchase one, take it home, and then own it? What do you really have?

You have exactly what was advertised: fake Omega Speedmaster watches for sale but Swatchified. Instead of a metal case, the case is made from Swatch’s Bioceramic – a material crafted from a mixture of plastic and ceramic. It has a matte-like, rough, grainy texture to it and it is almost impossibly light. I’m not talking titanium light, but plastic light – like the difference between a steel fork and, well, a plastic fork.

I went into my experience with a clean conscience, but even I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the feel of this watch. While $260 is not expensive, horologically speaking, it’s also no small sum. Knowing what brands like Seiko can do at a similar price point, I was frankly left wanting more by way of the quality of the case.

It gives off a very “3D-printed” vibe – as if this is how a watch prototype would normally be made, only, this is the final product. That being said, these same factors can actually be spun into a positive. I believe this is exactly what both brands were going for.

Here’s what I mean. Creating an inexpensive, Swatch version of a Moonwatch has potential to be a dangerous game for a brand like China Omega replica watches. If you can get the same design DNA for under $300, why would you ever shell out upwards of $6k for the real thing?

In order to keep the two models separate, there needs to be a clear delineation of perceived quality. Nobody is going to buy the MoonSwatch and say to themselves “This is all I need.”

Instead, the MoonSwatch represents a perfect companion to the real thing. MoonSwatch and Moonwatch coexist harmoniously. For new watch buyers, the Swatch can be the gateway to future 2022 Omega Speedmaster fake watches purchase. For current Speedy owners, it can be a fantastic addition to the collection. In a word, it’s fun.

I spent time with only two of the models, as I mentioned previously. The Mission to Mars was something of a cult hit at launch. Its red case, and capsule shaped hands had people waxing horological about the Speedmaster Alaska project. Everyone wanted this watch.

Nobody really spoke much about the Mission to Jupiter, the sand-colored variant I also had a chance to wear over the course of the week. But I was definitely taken more by the Jupiter – which surprised me. Something about its muted colorway as opposed to the flashier Mars made it a more enjoyable experience. I even saw shades of the famed Ultraman Speedmaster in its design, by way of the orange accents.

Outside of the obvious differences between the two variants – dial color, handset, and strap – the rest of the offering is effectively the same across the entire MoonSwatch range.

What we have is a 42mm diameter case that has been designed and printed in Bioceramic to look identical to best quality replica Omega Speedmaster watches. Everything from the crown guards to the lyre lugs to the “beveling” is all encoded into this case. It wears size-wise like a Speedy, as well. The only (rather significant) difference is in the weight. When you put on a MoonSwatch, you almost forget you’re wearing a watch at all – it’s that light.

Where the Speedmaster is manual-winding by way of the modern 3861 caliber, the MoonSwatch is quartz-powered which is another way of keeping things both light (emotionally speaking) and inexpensive. If you turn over any MoonSwatch, you’ll notice the battery cover is designed in the likeness of the particular celestial body specific to the Omega fake watches site. This movement means that the chronograph function does not feature a sweeping seconds hand but rather a ticking one. And when the timing information is displayed it is done after the chronograph is stopped. Resetting the chrono results in a fun display where all the hands twirl around and return to their original 12 o’clock positions.

Dial details across the MoonSwatch line are also different from a classic Speedy. For one thing, the co-branding is printed directly on the dial (and on the strap). And the orientation of the text is different from what you would find on a normal Speedmaster.

The wearing experience is pure, unadulterated joy. This is the least-serious Omega replica watches shop I have been exposed to in some time (and I’m the guy who wrote all of those Space Jam articles). The design DNA of the Speedmaster is no longer confined to NASA-loving space geeks. This is now a design for the masses.

Passersby noticed this watch on my wrist as I walked. It generated excitement when I showed it to those I interviewed in Times Square. I was almost proud to reveal it to them – like I had some kind of treasure on my wrist. I imagine this is what it feels like to wear a Tiffany Nautilus or any Richard Mille. Oh, except this one costs $260, remember? This is nuts, and I love it.

My week with the MoonSwatch was less about the watch and more about my own meditations on the moment. If Swatch continues to relegate these pieces to brick-and-mortar stores, potential buyers will continue to line up outside – though not necessarily by the thousands.


What this release has taught me is that Omega fake watches store still have magic – the ability to drum up excitement the way Apple can with a new iPhone. MoonSwatch represents a new day in the ongoing history of horology. But the question remains what that new day means. Is the MoonSwatch good for watches, or is it bad for watches? We’ll take it a step further and say: It’s great for watches.

Pre-Owned Spotlight: The Overlooked And Underrated Swiss AAA Omega Constellation “Manhattan” Fake Watches UK

The 1980s and 1990s Omega Constellation replica watches for sale are from an era in which watch collecting almost didn’t exist. If someone did collect watches, it was incredibly niche, and these watches were never aimed at collectors. Rather, they were bought because customers just needed a nice, reliable watch. With the updates that came in the 2000s, these Constellations became thick and bulky. In a way, that’s a pity because, with the thinness of the cases and their integrated bracelets from the prior two decades, they would have been perfect in today’s watch world.

The good news is that the models from the 1980s and ’90s can be found for very attractive prices in the pre-owned market today. As I collect best fake Omega Constellation watches, I have a few of these, and they’re fun to wear. While the Constellation ’95 series (yes, introduced in 1995) is a step up in quality compared to the models from the 1980s, they are all great wearers. They’re incredibly thin, usually have an integrated bracelet, and have reliable movements inside. You just need to be able to deal with the sizes. The automatic versions are 36mm in diameter, but the quartz-powered models are around 33mm. That sounds small, but the case shape makes them wear and appear larger on the wrist. However, given the craze for smaller high quality Omega replica watches these days, the size should be considered a plus. You can read more about the history of the Constellation “Manhattan” models here.

Omega Constellation ’95 1202.10 Replica Watches

This version of the cheap Omega Constellation copy watches in steel and 18K gold (ref. 1202.10) was my grail watch when I was young. Compared to the very first Manhattan model (the first picture in this article), the claws push down on the bezel instead of the sapphire crystal. Also, the Roman numerals are on the bezel instead of the dial. And speaking of the dial, the ones used in these Constellation ’95 models have a wonderful motif, adding some depth to them. It is also the first Constellation “Manhattan” variation with the dauphine hands. In the 1990s, Omega used ambassadors like Cindy Crawford, Ernie Els, and Pierce Brosnan to promote the Constellation ’95 series.

This one has a 36mm case, and it wears incredibly thin. Inside, you will find Omega’s caliber 1120. It’s a movement based on the ETA 2892-A2, which is bulletproof. The automatic versions are chronometer-certified like most Constellation models (even quartz ones) were at the time. But this perfect UK Omega replica watches is hardly about the movement inside. When Omega started to use its in-house-developed calibers for the Constellation in the 2000s, these watches became bulky. These thinner models basically wear like a bracelet.

A watch dealer in the UK is offering this Constellation 1202.10 for €2,550. You can find it here. This specific model was also available with a white dial and dials with diamond hour markers.

Omega Constellation “Manhattan” 368.1075 Fake Watches

This “Manhattan” reference is actually also referred to as the second generation. It was a 1987 release in which Omega moved the Roman numerals from the dial to the bezel. The claws also lost their initial function of pressing onto the crystal to aid in water resistance. This model has top Omega fake watches’ caliber 1111 inside, the predecessor of the 1120 (also based on the ETA 2892). Interestingly, this model has a sapphire case back, so you can look at the self-winding movement. It measures 36mm in diameter.

The bracelet on this 1:1 replica Omega watches is slightly different from the first-generation and later 1990s models. The small bars stick out a little bit, whereas the later models have a smoother design. This 1980s model is being offered by a dealer from Germany and priced at €2,090.

Replica Omega Constellation Day-Date 398.0869 Watches

From the same era as the Constellation above is this quartz-powered Day-Date model, reference 398.0869. With a diameter of only 33mm, it’s smaller than the automatic models above, but it still wears fairly well on a larger wrist due to the shape of the case and the integrated bracelet. According to the seller, it’s only 6mm thick, but we can’t confirm that. It’s definitely a thin watch, though. The gold rims around the day and date sub-dials and hour markers bring some contrast to the white dial.

Constellation Manhattan. Image courtesy of Watch Concept.

The bracelet is in the same style as the other second-generation models, and it has a folding clasp with a single-pushbutton release. As you can see above, it was possible to have half links to create a better fit on the wrist. This model was also briefly available (in the late 1980s and early 1990s) on a leather strap with a slightly different non-integrated case construction. This Omega super clone watches wholesale is on offer from a dealer in Poland with a price tag of €1,000.

There are many luxury Omega Constellation replica watches from the 1980s and ’90s on the pre-owned market, and prices (can) start really low, especially when coming from private sellers. Just make sure that the bracelet is complete and works flawlessly. Many of the parts for the older (1980s) models are hard to get.

High End Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches For Men UK

Speedmaster HB-SIA Solar Impulse Numbered Edition 321.
The HB-SIA is a project based in Europe that aims to develop solar-powered aircraft. Introduced in 2008, this is one of the cheap fake Omega Speedmasters that has flown under the radar of most collectors. The dial is a carbon fiber design that is paired with fonts that are of a much more modern, computer-age design than what was originally around during the Apollo NASA days. The movement inside is a Co-Axial 3603, based on a Piguet movement with chronograph, date, and GMT complications. The top quality replica Omega UK also comes with a bracelet, but the orange rubber is the perfect match for the orange accents on the watch and bezel.

Speedmaster Grey Side Of The Moon Co-Axial Chronograph 311.
Swiss made fake OMEGA UK has produced the white, blue, dark, and grey sides of the Moon. All of them were made with ceramic cases whose color reflects the name of the watch. The grey side has a dark grey case and bezel made of ceramic, but it’s the dial that’s the showstopper. A sandblasted platinum dial adds a texture that is inspired by the dust on the lunar surface. The indices are blackened white gold with a white lume that’s very clearly legible on the dial. The symmetrical design does not lose any functionality as the 3 o’clock register has hands for both elapsed minutes and hours for the chronograph.

Speedmaster Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer Chronograph 304.
The chances of someone reading this who will be going to the Moon are fairly slim, but if you do, please take a wrist shot with Earth in the background. For the rest of us, we can at least carry around a picture of the Moon on our wrist. The Moonphase Omega Speedmaster fake online UK is a logical extension of the line that adds a moonphase at 6 o’clock and a pointer date within the running seconds sub-dial. The rest of the watch resembles the Moonwatch, however, since it is not subject to the traditions like the Moonwatch movement Swiss movement replica OMEGA was able to put in the 9904 Co-Axial automatic caliber. This is a movement based on the 9300, which is a METAS-certified vertical clutch column wheel with silicon escapement. Basically, it has all the modern goodies OMEGA super clone for sale has to offer.

Speedmaster Moonwatch First Omega In Space 50th Anniversary Numbered Edition 311.
If the traditional is more your speed, then this is the high quality replica OMEGA for you. The First OMEGA in Space was released in 2012 as a numbered edition that would prove popular enough to continue production until 2020, with over 15,000 being made available. The basis for this watch was Wally Schirra’s AAA copy Omega Speedmaster CK2998, which went with him on the Sigma 7 spacecraft while orbiting the earth six times. This is the Speedmaster that went to space before OMEGA became the official watch of NASA. The lugs are not twisted, the case is symmetrical, and slightly smaller at 40mm instead of 42mm. The hands are alpha-style instead of baton, but still easy visible as a top copy Omega Speedmaster from across the room. The smaller size and vintage style have made the FOIS a standout in the world of Speedmasters.