Confessions of a Collector: How Ryan Reynolds’ Met Gala UK Luxury Replica Omega Speedmaster Ended Up on My Wrist

To celebrate the rich history of its women’s selection, Swiss replica Omega has curated a selection of timepieces from the past 100 years. Called “Her Time,” the exhibition is now on display in Madrid, Spain.

In Madrid, at the first stop on the “Her Time” exhibit’s world tour, it’s clear that the brand is making a concerted effort to educate and celebrate the women’s heritage aspect of luxury fake Omega’s past.

My journey to Madrid began in Miami with a certain Omega Speedmaster replica online, but more on that later. So, with my trip to Spain only lasting 36 hours in Spain to spare, let’s get right to the “Her Time” exhibition.
Hands down, my favorite part of the exhibition was at the last (or most chronologically recent) station: the green-dialed 1:1 replica Omega Speedmaster in Moonshine gold. Besides being prominently displayed, it also happened to be the watch I was wearing.
More significantly, however, the simple fact of its inclusion in the “Her Time” exhibition made the ever-so important, yet still somehow subversive, statement that any watch can be a women’s copy watch.

A Star-Worn Speedmaster Goes to Spain
It’s no secret how much I love the green-dialed AAA fake Omega Speedmaster. It was love at first sight after seeing the watch in Miami during the brand’s novelty preview this spring.

Instantly, I was struck by the dial’s changing hues, but I was also surprised by the eminent wearability of the 42mm gold watch. It just so happens that I share my current favorite UK perfect fake Omega model with Shaun White and Ryan Reynolds. What can I say? I have good taste.

Having been described as “the most beautiful damn watch I’ve ever seen” by Ryan Reynolds after the actor wore it to this year’s Met Gala, my desire to be reunited with the green-dialed wonder I saw in Miami only strengthened. And as luck would have it, with there being only one press replica watch for sale, the very watch those men wore on the red carpet was also the watch I wore to Madrid.

When looking at the watch, you can see it has been well-loved. It is no longer perfect, but that makes it so much better. I mean, the things this Swiss movement replica Omega has seen since we first met in Miami…if it could talk, I couldn’t imagine the stories it would tell.

And that is exactly why I love high quality replica watches: the stories behind them, whether they are told by a famous actor, an elite athlete, or a regular collector like me.

To the moon and back, how the luxury fake Omega Speedmaster UK became a legend

If your awareness of the 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster consists of “NASA, NASA, moon, NASA”, it may surprise you to know that it was originally designed as a racing chronograph. And so it was in 1957 that Swiss made replica Omega released the first Speedmaster (Ref. CK 2915) as one of three watches known as the “Trilogy”, which also included the Railmaster and Seamaster 300.

These three were known as AAA quality fake Omega’s “Professional” watches, with the Seamaster being water-resistant to 200 metres, and the Railmaster able to resist magnetism of more than 1,000 gauss.

The O.G. Speedy distinguished itself by being the first chronograph with an engraved tachymeter scale on the bezel, as opposed to one printed on the dial. It had a 39mm case, flat, straight lugs (instead of the twisted “lyre” lugs we’re accustomed to in more recent Swiss movement replica Omegas), an acrylic Hesalite crystal, and some highly radioactive radium lume on the dial and hands (known as “broad arrow” hands, for reasons which should be apparent). Most legendary of all was its hand-wound Calibre 321 column wheel chronograph movement, revered by collectors, and once again in production for select modern Omega Speedmasters copy for sale.

The new high quality replica Omega UK didn’t remain a racing watch for long, however. The Speedmaster gained acceptance among the aviation community, with airline and military pilots alike quickly adopting the Speedy. Introduced in 1959, the Ref. CK 2998 was worn by several pilots who purchased them as their personal watches, including test pilots and future astronauts. One such flight jock, Wally Schirra, was an original Mercury astronaut in the nascent days of NASA, and his Speedy became the “first super clone Omega in space” in October of 1962.

The cheap fake Omega Speedmaster CK 2998 introduced some incremental changes, including a new “Alpha” handset, and a bezel that now featured a painted black aluminium insert for improved visibility.

So when it came time for NASA to officially issue a chronograph to its pilots, Swiss movement replica Omega was a strong contender, besting the likes of Breitling, Rolex, Longines, and Hamilton. Hamilton was disqualified when they submitted a pocket watch for consideration, and during a series of arduous tests (for temperature, humidity, shock, pressure, and vibration, among other tortures), the top copy Omega was the only chronograph that didn’t fail. By 1965, NASA had selected the Omega Speedmaster replica Paypal over the Rolex and Longines test watches, noting that its accuracy remained within a 5 second margin throughout the trials. The Speedmaster became official issue for NASA’s astronauts at that point. And it was in this moment that a legend was born.

Best 1:1 Omega Replica Watches UK For Women

If you’re searching for inspiration when it comes to women’s watches this spring and summer, look no further than Swiss replica Omega UK. From mechanical marvels that build on some of the Swiss watch brand’s most storied collections to precious pieces dripping with diamonds, there’s something to suit every taste among the luxury fake watches it has recently unveiled.

UK AAA fake Omega Seamaster collection has a colourful history, dating back to 1948, and the Seamaster Aqua Terra pays tribute to this heritage with a series of watches that combine maritime styling with high performance. The latest version is a Master Chronometer that comes in a 34mm case made in an arresting combination of stainless steel and 18k Sedna gold. Even more eye catching, though, is the pale pink dial of the cheap replica Omega featuring a wave-embossed pattern and ruby markers for all the hours except 6 o’clock.

The 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster collection, introduced in 1957, was designed to meet the needs of professional racing car drivers, emphasising legibility and ease of use. In the 1960s it received the ultimate seal of approval when it was selected by Nasa to go on their lunar missions and perfect copy Omega’s Moonwatch was born. The iconic timepiece has since been part of no fewer than six visits to the moon.

The Omega Speedmaster replica for women is a slimmed down version of the Moonwatch, powered by Co-Axial Calibre 3330, that immediately draws the attention. Its sun-brushed blue dial features striking oval subdials, and is complemented by a matching aluminium bezel ring.


Resulting from a historic collaboration between Swatch and Swiss replica Omega UK, the colorful and accessible Bioceramic Speedmaster Moonswatch collection consists of 11 models made from a unique material, each embodying a space mission.

The crowd was there on Saturday, March 26, forming a compact mass gathered in front of the windows of selected stores, ready for the worldwide launch previously teased on social networks. Some even waited since 3 or 4am in front of the closed doors to be the first to hold in their hands the fruit of the unprecedented collaboration between two brands, certainly belonging to the same group but with radically opposed products, history and aficionados: the Bioceramic UK AAA fake Omega Speedmaster Moonswatch collection by Swatch x Omega. A masterful communication coup in the watchmaking sector to lift the veil on a series of eleven non-limited editions linked to eleven space expeditions.

Respecting to the maximum the iconic design of the first super clone watch to have reached the Moon in 1969 within the framework of the Apollo 11 mission, both in terms of the dial/case/Velcro® strap combination, the 1:1 fake Omega Speedmaster Moonswatch displays different shades depending on the model chosen, sometimes playing with several colors to highlight or, on the contrary, to soften the graduated bezel.

Baby blue and white for Uranus, vanilla yellow and burgundy for Pluto or pink for Venus, ultramarine and emerald for our beautiful Earth, white and red with the same hands as Swiss movement replica Omega‘s Alaska Project chronograph for Mars, beige and chocolate for Saturn whose effigy is repeated on the small seconds at 6 o’clock, navy and periwinkle for Neptune, yellow and white for the Solei, dark or light gray and black for Mercury and the Moon. For the 42mm-diameter case of the high quality fake Omega, Swatch used its tinted Bioceramic, a light and resistant material composed of two-thirds ceramic and one-third castor oil extract. On the back, bending the reproduction of the planet or natural satellite of the mission, is an engraving inscribed in English: “Dream big. Fly higher. Explore the universe. Reach for the planets. Enjoy the mission”. The stars have rarely been so attractive!